In-depth focus approach to achieve systemic change

The outcomes of RESP are all aimed at promoting a systemic change in industry, policy-making, research and current consumption patterns.

We prioritise an in-depth and targeted approach to our activities, outcomes and objectives. Our efforts are focused on gaining a thorough understanding of issues, opportunities and challenges related to the functioning and management of resources, as well as the processes along the value chain. This is achieved through the formulation and implementation of controlled pilot projects in value chains.

The results of the pilot projects are subsequently analysed to identify commonalities across species, ecosystems and industries that can support scaling and replication of best practices, integrating them into international standards, benchmarks, laws and regulations and general policies.

We strive to create an in-depth knowledge base that can contribute great value towards better understanding and addressing issues at the international level and affecting systemic change at the industry, research, consumption and policy levels.