Reptile Skins

Meeting of the IWG-Reptile Skins

The International Working Group on Reptiles Skins will be meeting in Milan, Italy, hosted by the Italian Tanners' Association (UNIC) to take stock of advancements of its work programme including in the implementation of projects in Colombia, Indonesia, Italy and Mexico, as well as the ongoing work on improvement of traceability, animal welfare and impact assessment mechanisms, among others.



10h00    Welcome and general updates of COP17


10h30   Production systems

CITES SC66 side-event on traceability of reptile skins

RESP, in collaboration with the government of Mexico and its technology partner Anteleon, will perform a live demonstration of the “Unique Fingerprint Identifier” technology to track and trace reptile skins and present the strategy to test this technology in the field in semi-controlled commercial environments.

The side-event will provide participants the opportunity to gain insight of progress being made by RESP on development of a global traceability information system for reptile skins, and share their views on the proposed system and next steps.