Past Events

Here you can find all recent past events

Nov 10th Meeting

Meeting of the IWG-Reptile Skins

The International Working Group on Reptiles Skins will be meeting in Milan, Italy, hosted by the Italian Tanners' Association (UNIC) to take stock of advancements of its work programme including in the implementation of projects in Colombia...

Milan, Italy
Sep 28th Meeting


     A Collaborative Framework to Ensure

Johannesburg, South Africa
May 19th Meeting

3rd RESP Global Meeting

More information coming soon.

Paris, France
Mar 4th Meeting

Morelet's crocodile Steering Committee meeting

More information coming soon.

Mexico City, Mexico
Feb 29th Meeting

Mexico Reptiles Tracebility Project kick-off workshop

More information coming soon.

Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico
Jan 11th Meeting

CITES SC66 side-event on traceability of reptile skins

RESP, in collaboration with the government of Mexico and its technology partner Anteleon, will perform a live demonstration of the “Unique Fingerprint Identifier” technology to track and trace reptile skins and present the strategy to test...

Geneva, Switzerland
Nov 3rd Meeting

“Advancing environmental and social excellence in the luxury industry”

The 2nd Global Meeting of the Responsible Ecosystems Sourcing Platform (RESP) will be held on 3 November 2015 under the theme: “Advancing environmental and social excellence in the luxury industry”.

Paris, France
Sep 11th Meeting

CITES Debrief on Reptile Skins Industry Matters

The event, co-organised between RESP and UNIC, will provide an overview of the discussions and decisions taken at the 28th Meeting of the Animals Committees of the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Flora and...

Apr 13th Meeting

RESP Global Meeting

The 1st RESP Global Meeting will be organised on 13-14 April at the Burberry Global Headquarters in London.

London, United Kingdom
Nov 6th Meeting

Meeting of the International Working Group on Reptile Skins

Oct 16th Meeting

CBD side event- What does a win-win-win benefit sharing mechanism look like under the Nagoya Protocol?

RESP is organising a side event at the CBD COP.

Pyeongchang-ri, South Korea
Jul 7th Meeting

CITES standing comitee 65

Geneva, Switzerland
Jun 17th Meeting

International Work Group on Wool Fibers

Madrid, Spain
Jun 3rd Meeting

International Work Group on Colored Gemstones

Paris, France
May 20th Meeting

1st National meeting of the Python Reticulatus Pilot Project

Medan, Indonesia
May 16th Meeting

1st Meeting IWG-RS + IWG-WF

Geneva, Switzerland
May 15th Meeting

International Work Group on Reptile Skins

Geneva, Switzerland
May 8th Meeting

International Workshop Business and Natural Capital: Dialogues for a sustainable partnership
Brasília, Brazil
Apr 30th Meeting

27th meeting of the CITES Animals Committee

Veracruz, Mexico
Apr 24th Meeting

Copenhagen Sustainable Fashion Summit

Copenhagen, Denmark
Apr 7th Meeting

2nd Meeting of International Working Group on Natural Ingredients

Hosted by LVMH
3-5 Rue Bayard, 75008 Paris

Paris, France
Apr 3rd Meeting

International Work Group on Natural Ingredients

In this session they will examine legislative processes in key sourcing countries, assess potential impacts on current research and development practices and identify strategic options for the industry.

Hamburg, Germany
Apr 3rd Meeting

RESP 'Innovating from Nature' event at In-cosmetics

Apr 1st Meeting

Biodiversity Knowledge - European Parliament

Intergroup Conference "Towards a consolidated Network of Knowledge on biodiversity and ecosystem services in Europe"

Brussels, Belgium
Feb 24th Meeting

RESP side event at ICNP-3

Pyeongchang, South Korea
Dec 10th Meeting

IWG - Wool Fibers

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dec 2nd Meeting

IWG - Colored Gemstones

Nov 19th Meeting

IWG - Reptile Skins

London, United Kingdom
Nov 12th Webinar

IWG - Reptile Skins Webinars

The RESP Secretariat is organising two webinars on 12 November to present the advancements of the pilot projects being developed as part of the IWG-Reptile Skins work programme.

Project development leaders of each project will present...