Defining Ecosystem Indicators for Improved Land Management of Wool Value Chains

Sheep herd

The International Working Group on Wool Fibres (IWG-WF) believes that quantifiable and universal metrics for biodiversity and ecosystem services impacts will improve significantly the ability to provide concrete and evidence-based information that better describe the impact of the wool value chain on the environment and livelihoods, and make them more meaningful and digestible for a broader audience.

This publication contributes to the process launched by the IWG-WF to find responses to a number of gaps and risks it identified, including:

• The lack of measurement and impact indicators related specifically to biodiversity and ecosystems services management, resulting in most existing assessment methodologies and techniques not adequately addressing biodiversity impacts.

• The predominant focus on reducing and/or mitigating the negative impacts of the industry and the lack of work on the development of tools to enhance positive impact which largely been overlooked.

• The increase of complexity for understanding and defining key sustainability issues in a holistic manner due to the growing number of schemes, tools, and methodologies being developed by different and non-connected initiatives.

• The growing need for global data and knowledge platforms to support the decision-making, education and awareness building of the different actors directly or indirectly involved in the wool supply chain.

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